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Boston NY

bulletOctober 21, 2006
bulletBabyshower at Willa's Place
bulletLawndale, CA
bulletMenu by Willa
bulletFood and Setup
bulletThe Games
bulletGift Opening

The food table along with some set up.

everyone having fun and enjoying the food

Some interesting games organized by Maggie.

bullet10 things we learned about the pregnancy
bulletWinners of the bottle sucking contest: 1st, Joe; 2nd, Peter; 3rd, Sam!
bulletBob's proficiency in diapering the baby: FAILED -- apparently, the baby will have no blood flow in his legs AND, liquid will STILL come out from the diaper.

With many love from Uncles, Aunties and Grandma...

bulletFood and setup
bulletGift Opening
bulletTen things we learned about the pregnancy
  1. When did Shirley find out about her pregnancy? 5/9/2006
  2. Who were first two people she shared the news with? Christine Polanco (not Bob), and Bob.
  3. What was Bob's reaction when he found out about the pregnancy? Excited and happy.
  4. What was Shirley's weight before pregnancy? ~120lbs
  5. How much has Shirley gained now? 20 lbs
  6. How many pieces of toilet paper are needed to surround her waist now? 11 (Quilted Northern)
  7. Does Shirley have cravings for certain food during her pregnancy? Shave Ice and Pork & Duck egg Porridge
  8. When is her due date? 12/26/2006
  9. Who thought of the name, Curtis, for the baby? Bob
  10. Which hospital are they delivering the baby? Methodist Hospital in Arcadia

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